A Good Towel.


It is pleasant to buy a good towel. It doesn’t have holes in it, and it does dry well. I believe I can find any kind of towel, and at first the towels will have the same quality. They will absorb water, and keep me dry. But the best of the towels will keep working long after the newness has worn off. We have towels from 15 years back, and further. I respect them, because they have been with us a long time. The frills have worn, or dropped off. The towel looks thinner than the new ones. It has been a good towel for years, and I will eventually set it to rest.

I was thinking today about making a quilt of the clothes that I can no longer wear due to the years the piece has been in my wardrobe. I believe I could make a good quilt, but I may have to buy new material. What I have is not much since we cleaned out the closet. We didn’t put everything back. Some is still in bags…..waiting for us to wash, dry, and put them on the shelf. Ah! Resting from this has been great!


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