What was Supper?

I fixed pork roast, potatoes, and carrots. Another person brought fruit salad with a sauce in the tray. It was fresh, and good. I fixed brownies, and we had to take some home. There wasn’t much left of the roast. I noticed that the grocer now has smaller pork loin roasts. He has cut the bigger roast into two pieces. I had to do this when I bought it before. Now it comes cut into pieces. We bought two ,pieces of meat.

The pork loin roast was cooked 5 hours, and most of this time I was standing over it, and the other things, getting supper ready. I didn’t burn myself this time. I was more careful. Ed helped drain the roast, and we put it back in to cook longer. In the meantime I fixed brownies. I set the brownie pan on top of the baking potatoes. They did cook within 35 minutes. I cooked two pans of brownies, which was two boxes of them. I peeled potatoes, and carrots with the roast. It gives it flavor.

I wrapped the meat for most of the cooking time. Wrapping makes it tender. I kept the lid on the roaster. My roaster is able to scoot around to give me half an oven to cook something beside the it. I baked potatoes, and this meant I had to wrap them in tin foil after putting oil on the tin foil. The potatoes were sizzling some of the cooking time. They get hot. Butter makes them better. I ate baked potato, pork roast, and carrots.

I had tea at first, and then water. I believe the roast was tender because of the wrapping I put on it. I did take the wrap off one hour before it was finished. This helped to brown the meat. We had carrying trays to carry food home in. Our friend brought us some. I believe we perked well, even though the crowd was less.

We didn’t have that many there tonight. The crowd expected just didn’t come. People make excuses, and some don’t say they aren’t coming. I expected the usual crowd. One couple told us they would not be coming. I respect them for saying so. It is polite to let me know that you aren’t coming. Telling Ed works. He gets the message to me.

I had to wear my coat today. We had a late lunch, but I ate Salmon, instead of a hamburger, or steak. We are trying to eat healthy although we slip, and slide with this at times. I wanted red, meat, but heart patients should eat only a little of it. Fish, and pork are fine, and so is chicken if it isn’t fried. It was tempting to get a steak, but I like them tender. At times steak is not tender. I don’t eat it raw. I like mine without blood. By then, the steak is tough. Oh, well. Fish is never tough. I ate fish today, and used Ranch dressing to help eat it. It was good today, and moist.


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