This has Been a Good Day.

This has been a good, day. I plan to have good days all year this year. I am stubborn, and I was born this way. I stubbornly say, “I will have a wonderful year with my family in 2017.” Many things have happened in 2016, but I plan to have a good year in 2017. I plan to make sure my ducks are in a row, and I plan to read my Bible, pray, and live for Jesus, with His help. I know I am stubborn, and when God gets hold of stubbornness, it changes to tenacity to walk with Him, and to get up when I fall down, brush off, and keep walking with Him.

In fact He may wait on me to get up and bush myself off. I believe the Lord Jesus wants me to walk with Him closer in 2017. I plan to finish reading my Bible again, and again. I plan to meet with Him daily, and probably early in the mornings. I believe by His grace I have come this far, and He will help me this year.

You know, Jesus may come back for us this year. He is coming …we don’t know when. I am ready. Are you? Get ready. Get both feet in the Word, in His Presence, and walk with Him. Choose to do this in 2017. You won’t regret it. You need to tell Him your choice, to walk with Him. Have a good day tomorrow.


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