I am Ready to Cook. Art shown here is by Ruby J Craft.( Moi!) me!

Tonight we have the church people come at 6:30 P.M. for a meal, and then we have Bible study after the meal. Ed insists on having a real meal. So I come up with a meat and two or three side dishes. Tonight’s menu is  pork loin roast, with baked potatoes, and carrots in with the meat. There might be a whole onion, but I go easy with the onions.

This roast will cook wrapped and in the pan with water. There isn’t much water, but I don’t want the meal to burn. I put the lid on the pan and cook the roast until they come. It takes 4-5 hours, and the meat is breakable with a touch of a fork when it is done right. The roast is long, so it is cut in half, and spiced before being wrapped. The wrapping holds the steam in and the meat is tendered this way. I put only one spice plus pepper on the meat. Salt is not generous with Ed and I . We don’t promote heart trouble with our meals. Less salt is better, and salt and pepper shakers are out on the tables.

The dessert is up for grabs. I have a box of brownies. I can make good, brownies, or have pudding. I love chocolate, or vanilla, pudding. Put these with a brownie and you have a small feast. Isaac is wanting to make chocolate stampede. This would be before the church goes on their fasting for Easter. I don’t know that he will get it made tonight, but who knows. I do have an idea.

Bless this meal Father, and let it nourish our bodies in Jesus name. I often pray over the meal long before we have it. It is the anointing that I want over the meal, and over everyone who will be there. I haven’t ever served twenty, but we have come close. 19 is close.

My art is on display at the church. Some of these are part of the collection. I paint for a hobby. I will start up again real soon. This week possibly.


Look Up
Look Up
Decorated Lilies
Fancy Lilies.

Daisies on a Hill. Painted from daisies I bought and put in a vase to rest in the refrigerator for the days it took to paint this. I held them in my hand and painted. DSCF3102a


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