Our House Will Get Painted.

We have an older home. It was built-in the sixties, but to me, this is not that long ago. This home will not go anywhere for a long while. It is built solid. I do think it needs some painting. Someone will paint it when there is time. I believe it will happen sometime this year. Our roof will also be fixed this year. I know, because it needs to be completely repaired. It is an older roof. I helped last time a roof was put on. I got on the roof, like everyone else. I don’t think I will to that this time.

I will have to leave the house for it to be painted. I won’t handle the fumes. In the meantime, I am washing the rest of the clothes that didn’t get washed when we needed to wash everything. There are several more bags, but I believe I can finish now in one day.

This has been a good year, but many things have come along that were harassments. I believe the Lord tries to teach us in many ways. I continue to read through the Old Testament. I have a little to finish in the New Testament. I have completed Matthew recently. I read what I can before Ed, and Isaac awaken. I get up early.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day. It comes in 49 minutes for me. This has been a special year. I love Valentine’s Day.


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