Memories of Valentine’s Day.

I had to have a packet of Valentines to give out when I was in grade school. Mom would buy them for all three of us. Gradually we stopped giving them out. It was a fun time of the year. Sitting down to address envelopes, and sign cards was a chore that had its rewards. Mine was the usual, cheaper packets, but I put little comments on mine.

Valentines are wonderful to receive. I smile, and laugh when I get one. Ed knows this, so he has participated. Tonight I fixed a special supper for us. I cooked all of it. I made a meatloaf and put the special sauce on it. It is different every time I make it. Usually I add onion, eggs, and bread to the meat, plus the herb spice. This helps make it last longer, and it makes it richer. I put the spices on the top of the meatloaf, and then pour my sauce on before baking.

This was a meal. We finished quickly. I served this early this evening. Ed was out today, and I had time to prepare. I also did a few washes. They seem to be the focus , but they weren’t today. I stopped washing clothes for today. I felt I needed to rest. I have a place that acts up when I wash to many clothes. I guess I bend to get the clothes out of the dryer. I am not used to washing, and drying so many times. I will have to continue until I finish.


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