Have a Wonderful Day.

I still have washes to do. I am going to eat lunch, and then start again with the washes. I believe the Lord has a sense of humor. Why not? He says, “The Joy of the LORD is your strength.”


3 thoughts on “Have a Wonderful Day.

  1. Hi – I can’t really read your blog 😦 I don’t think it’s my computer. . . The top menu portion reaches over 1/2 down and covers what you have posted. in example – I can’t see the entire picture of the angel and the preacher because it is hidden under the top portion 😦

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      1. On my desk top computer your header takes up so much room only four or so lines of articles show at the bottom. I just checked, on my smart phone I can see the articles (but they don’t show on your home page, it is a blog roll). I thought you’d like to know. When you post there is usually an option to see how the page will look on different types of computers, desktop, ipad or phone. Hope this helps 🙂 Have a good night.

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