Cheer Up -Three.

Yes, I am writing again, because I believe the Lord has said in the Word to cheer up. Be of good cheer. Cheer is a word that has several meanings. When you are cheerful, you are full of cheer. Negative words will try to make you become depressed, and down in your spirit. God says to cheer up, you saints. God says to wash your face, anoint your head, and look cheerful and not glum when you fast. Why wouldn’t He want you to trust Him completely. He is God! He is the God of Jacob, and Isaac, and He is Your God, because you have trusted in Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Listen to the Holy Spirit. Bind self. Say, “I bind self in Jesus name.” Bind sin. Say, “I bind sin in Jesus name. You can say, “I bind self, and sin in Jesus name.” Then say, Father, I need ————-. I thank you that you hear me when I cry, and when I call on you. Thank you for supplying my needs in Jesus name. Please give me wisdom so I will know what to do with my situation. In Jesus name.

Sit, stand, walk. These are the phases of walking with the Lord. At times our faith is tested. We have to sit in the Lord, and with Him. We have to stand in the Lord, on the promises of God. and We have to walk in the Presence of God, so we go to the Word, and sit down to read it for ourselves without rushing, and hurrying. God wants us to sit down with Him daily, without rushing. It means taking the time, to read the Word, study it, and take notes. This is His gift to us…that we have fellowship with Him. Then when we walk in His light we have fellowship, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from our sins all of them.

I want you to know that daily may not be enough. For those of you who walk closely, you may be in His Presence all day. You read the Word, and you think about Him, and talk to Him all day. Cheer up. He answers our prayers, because He loves us, and knows our needs before we ask. His children love to be in His Presence. God answers prayer.


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