Cheer Up- 4

Listen to me. If you want to have the joy of the Lord, you must cheer up. He gives you joy as you become joyful, and cheer up. If you are depressed, rebuke it. If you are sad, sing for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Christians, cheer up!  You can be cheerful, instead of down in the dumps. You can be cheerful, and Praise His name. Do it whether you feel like it or not.

At the count of three, let’s cheer up. Are you ready to smile? I’m counting. 1-2-3! Smile. It takes muscle, but this is the first step to cheering up.

Now get up, and look around your room. Pick up the papers and magazines on the floor, and clear the floor so you can see it. Now straighten the couch, and the table. Wash any dirty dishes with Joy, and then sing a song to Jesus. How about Jesus Loves Me. I sing it to Him all the time, and I personalize it. At times I make up songs to Him, because Jesus loves us. God loves us. Jesus is God’s son who died for us, and rose again. He is God. He died, and rose again, and He sits on the throne in heaven praying for you and me…..his children.

Sing … and cheer up. Count your blessings, and name them one by one. God will give you His cheer when you begin by praising Him anyway. I have learned this the hard way. Singing to Him makes you think about Him. Soon the cheering up happens. He loves us. How could I have been so down. He is in control. Give Him your life, and your words. Ask Him to help you smile, and be glad. Cheer up on the inside, and ask God to take away the grumpiness that have come along to ruin your day. In Jesus name we come by faith. Cheer up.2017-many-new-beginnings


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