Cheer Up -2

This is the second time I am writing about this subject. Cheer up, you saints of God! Life is not hopeless for you. Your trust is in Jesus Christ, your Savior. I often say, when I have financial problems, or shortages, “Father, I did tithe. I know that you will supply our needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. We need —-amount. I’m asking for you to supply it. In Jesus name.”

I don’t think it is a sin to ask God to supply your needs. He doesn’t expect us to use His money that He gives us foolishly, but He does give us wisdom.

I have learned over the years in my marriage, to put back a little bit. It might be 5 dollars, or ten, but it is a small amount. I have a tiny change purse. I hold change in it. When we have a financial shortage, or we want to do something special, I go to the change purse and see what I have. I might have been saving for several months, but the amount is small. But it always is there when I need it, not when my self wants candy, or something nice. It is for saving.

Some people have a hard time with saving. They spend it all in the month, and go from pay check to pay check. We have done this, but when I hold back a little bit, it helps me deal with the hard times when we are paying taxes, and bills, and there is no money to spend on life. My little bit is never enough, but at times I surprise Ed when I have the money that Isaac may need for this or that. God gives His people grace. We walk in the grace of the Lord. I am thankful for everything God has given me, but I treasure His wisdom, and His words to me. Understanding what He wants is better than using my head at times. He gave me a brain, but brains don’t always have faith. Speak to the mountain and it will leave. It doesn’t make sense, so some won’t speak to it.

Our air unit outside was not working right. I asked the Lord, “What do I do?” He said, “Go kick it in my name.” I took Isaac with me, and we both kicked it in Jesus name. You know, it worked until we bought a new unit. It worked for a long time for the man who changed out the unit. God isn’t kidding when he says, “I will supply your needs. ” You have to have faith, and He supplies it. When you are desperate trust Him, and ask Him what to do. God talks.



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