Tomorrow is Another Day.

I came home to make the bed. The room wasn’t in disorder. The bug spray was not smelly. This is the last time for a while that we will have our home sprayed for bugs. We put the mattress back on the bed, and the small boards that go on the box spring. Then we put the second mattress on the bed. I found clean sheets. My favorite ones were still drying in the dryer. I will put them on next week.

Our closets are empty, except for what we hung tonight when we came home. Dresser drawers are being filled again. This has been quite a process to go through, but I am blessed. I have peace, and I know that the bedroom is cleaner for all the work. The bed itself is cleaner.

Tomorrow is another day. I plan to relax, and to read. It is a hobby of mine to read through the Bible. I take it easy. I try to find what I need for the day. 2 Timothy 2:15 talks about studying the Word. You might want to look it up. Study to show yourself approved unto God a work person who doesn’t need to be ashamed, right dividing the Word of truth. I paraphrased some of the verse. It has been a favorite since I found it years ago.


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