Something Good to Eat…

I cook for the Wednesday night group that meets for Bible Study, and for supper before  the study. Tonight we had a variety of people come. We had two visitors. I believe our meal was simple, but good. I fixed my version of Chicken Pot Pie. It is a comfort food, in that the creamy taste makes you comfortable, relaxed, and wanting more pie! Isaac helped me make brownies for dessert. I am off sweets as long as I want to be off. This is a break time for me. I will soon be off sweets for another month or two. I do this because I like to go off sweets, and I don’t want to become overcome with them.

So what went with the chicken pot pie? My friend volunteered to bring a salad. They presented fresh salad, and I helped put it in our fancy bowl that I found at the yard sale. I spent good money for this fancy, glass, bowl. The salad looked good in the bowl. Everyone didn’t eat two bags worth of salad, so there was plenty to take back home.

I made brownies. I didn’t eat them. I guess I mentioned this. They were rich, and cut easily.


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