My Turn to Talk.

In real life, we don’t take turns to talk. The loudest one talks the most, and the quiet ones listen to what is being said. At times I know I listen more than I talk. I could listen all day. At other times, it is my turn to talk.

What would I talk about if I had one hour? I would not talk for an hour, unless I had plenty to talk about. In one way, we never know how much we have to talk about. We need to start talking, even if  we are not used to it.

How do you talk to people? Well, if you read the newspaper daily, you might find something to talk about. You might remember a nice joke, or an article that caught your eye. For some, they never think about what they will talk about. They talk on and on, and there is no fear that keeps them from communicating.

At times I feel it is my turn to talk. I have listened for 20 minutes, and I do  pipe in when I feel like it. I don’t have a lazy brain. I do have a sense of when the content of the conversation is boring, or if it will hold my attention. Many times I think of other things when someone is talking on and on. I can’t seem to hold my attention to the subject, because it is boring. Really.

So what do you do to make it not boring? You throw in a comment that is spontaneous, and that will open the window to the conversation. Or you might write out your thoughts on the computer, because it is your turn to talk, whether someone has been talking too much or not.

I don’t like to be shut down when I am ready to talk. This has happened, and I did not like what this feels like. So I might not say, or I might say that it is my turn to talk. I gladly will talk when the whole day has been silent. That happens. The phone doesn’t ring, and the family is gone.



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