A More Organized Way.

I have a Bible bag, and I want to tell you how I have organized things so that I have all I need with me when I go to the church or otherwise. I am trying to read through the Bible. It will take 3 months if I keep steadily doing this.

I have a store- bought bag for my Bible. It is a good, leather Bible, and I wanted to make sure it lasts me for a long while. The pages are still in tack. I mark my Bible when I am reading, and I find a place I like. Carrying the Bible in a small case with a handle on it, causes me to carry the Bible protected, and with more ease. I have a little striped, blue bag for other Bible things. I take a change of clothes, shoes, and make-up in this bag. I can pick it up, and go. Two bags carry all that I need to take with me.

I am gradually going through the Old Testament. I find that having an organized approach helps me get through the books of the Bible . This is my eighth time to read through the Bible. I have taken this approach about 8 times. The marking off on the sheet of paper lets me know how much I have left to read, and I can take a day’s break and come right back to where I stopped reading.

A small notebook is used also. I date the page, and put the reference down on the paper. Then I start reading. When I find a verse I love, then I write it in my book. I have about twelve of these books finished. It is a hobby of mine to read through the Bible. I have tried to describe my approach. I pray for wisdom, and I usually go to the den in the mornings to read at our table there.

The television is kept off, and I turn on two lamps, and get tea, and a piece of toast, or a cookie. Most of the time I am off sweets. I believe dating the pages I write on helps me keep up with what I am doing. I carry a current calendar in my Bible bag so that I know what day it is. I mark important dates that I need to remember. The calendar is used for anything in life that needs to be remembered, including what we had last Wednesday night for supper.

I find that more organization helps, than less. I find that most people don’t want to talk about the Old Testament, and how many times I have read the Bible. I realize that it is my hobby. I plan to do this until I die, and my goal is to have read the Bible as much as possible, maybe 42 times!


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