We left Our House for Four Hours.

We  have had a person coming to spray our home, and our beds. He will come one more time. Today I found that he is a Christian. He is doing this business for a living. I was thrilled to hear him talking about how he came to Christ. Humility goes a long way when you give your story. It was wonderful sharing Christ.

We left our home for four hours while this same person worked on getting rid of things that shouldn’t be coming into our room at night. Beds were sprayed down, and dresser drawers that have been emptied, and emptied closets. Through out the house it was sprayed for bugs. We left for four hours, and then came back to make the beds, have supper, and try to get some rest. His last time to come will be Wednesday. This man is doing us, and others a service that really we can’t do.


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