This is Monday night. I have had a long week-end.


My birthday was Saturday. We celebrated from Wednesday night on. My friend fixed supper for all of us, and I didn’t work on the meal. It was a vacation, and release. She and he insisted.

I am 70, and I don’t feel it, or look it most of the time. I don’t know for sure what 70 is supposed to look like. I guess you are beginning to get old. I don’t know. I looked younger than I was when I was in my teens. It bothered me. Someone said, “You will think this is a gift when you get older. ”

I do and I did. We are still bagging things from the drawers, closets, and our room. I do declare I like the idea of not having so much plunder. We gave some things to the Good Will store, and I don’t even know what was given. It’s gone. I figured, “If it is worth something, I can buy it again.”

I have so much in one closet, that I will wind up giving half of what I have away. Really. It is more than I need. I told Ed, “I believe I love the idea of having a few garments. When I get tired of them, I will give them to Good Will, and buy some more. That is not the usual thinking, but a closet full of clothes should have all the clothes I wear in it. Most of the clothes I packed into white bags are not what I wear any more.

I have grown, and now I need to lose weight. I will be more comfortable if I can lose 20 pounds. I don’t need to lose much more.


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