Changing to 70.

I have noticed that I was aching a little in my back, and legs just before my birthday. I didn’t eat sweets for a good part of 2016. I have not resisted enough this year. I plan to go off sweets again, and it will be shortly. I believe most of the aches and pains I do feel, are related to sweets. It isn’t good to eat sweets. I am already using a substitute in my tea. It comes in a big bag, and it is white. It is not sugar, but it tastes great in hot, tea.

Today I couldn’t find my pillow when it was time to remake the bed after the house was sprayed down by the pesticide person. Our mattress was standing up when I opened the door to the bedroom. I had taken off the sheets, and blankets, and bedspread. Well, I couldn’t find my pillow in the sacks I had put in the bedroom. I cried, and shouted until I found it in Isaac’s room, still in its wrapped condition.

I tore open the white, plastic, bag, and there was my, new, pillow. We bought me a ,”My Pillow.” Ed hasn’t gotten one, yet. He likes his pillow just as well. At 70, I know exactly what I like.

Ed, and Isaac are saying some of the den furniture will have to go. They will get me a, new,chair, and stool. Wow!


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