My Thoughts:

I am nothing compared to other writers. I do work at this. By work, I mean I plan, and look for ways to talk to my audience. Yesterday was an example. I had a wonderful day, and I wrote about it.

Good memories happen when we do things together with our friends and family. I love to walk when I have company, and I love to play games. Sorry is one of the games we played yesterday. I love Chinese checkers, checkers, and other board games such as Monopoly. I don’t always play them. I grew up playing games with my family. We learned to be competitive, and I still find that I am, and that I love to win.

My flowers are still in the kitchen to remind me of my birthday. Ed has been nice and sweet all weekend. Birthdays are special. I don’t mind having my 70th. I don’t feel old.


12 thoughts on “My Thoughts:

    1. Memories are made many times without our knowing at the time. I love spontaneity. I believe we make memories when we insist in being a friend and showing that we are friendly. Love is received both ways, and it doesn’t have to be emotional. Being cheerful, and being quiet when all is going wrong. Letting someone spill off their anger, and not chiding them is love. I believe we grow older together. Judgmental thoughts give way to understanding, and giving opportunity to address the situation with some mercy, and grace. We are never perfect. Why should we pretend that we are.

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      1. Wow! That could’ve been a post in itself! You said so many insightful things. Thank you. I love that most things are just the little things. We don’t need to win some grand award to do something special. A smile or a listening ear will do. Thank you for sharing. I will remember your words! ❤️​


    2. Immediate family will not always be there every day. They will find jobs, move away, marry, and maintain their lives. I believe making memories happens when we aren’t thinking about it. Activities are nice, and wonderful. I know one thing. I want to go back to see the horses, the barn, and to take another long walk.

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      1. A long walk. That sounds amazing. You are so right. I have for kids at home right now. I want to rip my hair out sometimes because I am so busy. You make me remember to be grateful for my busy family. ❤️​

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      2. My parents were older when they married. Mom was in her late twenties. For this reason, when we came along, my parents put us on a schedule that wouldn’t budge. We had 3 square meals, and there were three of us girls. We played outside, and kept busy in the summers. Much has changed in the United States. We have to be more aware of the children and what they are doing. I still believe children love to work, and they should be given light chores to do that they are responsible for. I believe it doesn’t hurt to have three meals a day, to play board games with the children at night, and to keep television to a minimum.


      3. Kids watch what we do, and even if they are grown, and 35, your children will always remember how you said things when they were growing up. I believe patience is a virtue. Therefore, I take my Bible, and find time to read it early in the morning. It helps settle me for the day. I’m not perfect, but He is. God is always on my mind.

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      4. God is definitely perfect. I think if we start our day with Him in mind, the day runs smoother. I often run in the morning and pray to him for guidance for the day. 🙂​


      5. One more thought. Take time for yourself, even if you have to lock the bathroom door, or disappear to the den. I get up earlier than my family so I can maintain quiet time with the Lord. It is satisfying. I use the check off sheet put out by Teen challenge to keep up with my Bible reading. Time for me consists of getting dressed early, and heading for the den where I usually sit until I have soaked in the Word. The Bible is wonderful. God’s presence is with me for the rest of the day when I get up and open the Book, the Bible. I have a version I understand and it helps. I have memorized over 300 verses from the KJV and they are still in my heart! I hope this helps. Your peace will be noticeable because the Peace of God is like none other. Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you. Give them to Him, and then sit in adoration of the Lord Jesus. I have opened this conversation, but I have been there with the raising of a child, and teaching school for twenty years. Now I am older, and I have time, and take time to read. Isaac often says, “Have you read your Bible today?” He knows how it calms me down to read and pray and sit before the Lord. I am 70, my son and husband live with me, and we didn’t have any other children. Think how valuable your children are to you. They will grow up and leave, to have families of their own. Your voice and calming effect on the family will bless them all, and your husband will see the difference as well as they.
        I also recommend activity, and small tasks for them to do to help you out. You know all this. God bless you, and your family in Jesus name. May His Presence be with you all day as you sit, and talk to Him sometime and open the Word to Jeremiah 33:3 which says, “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you what you don’t know. :” Paraphrased some. smile.

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      6. Memorized over 300 versus! That’s amazing! I read the KJV. It’s difficult, but it’s not translated differently. I like that. I do love my early mornings. It gets me mentally prepared for the day and rooted for what is important. #1 being God and his plan for me. You are 100% correct. The peace of God is like no other. I do take my morning times to pray and be alone in quietness. I don’t read the Bible first thing in the morning. I read it later, but it’s a great idea! I will do that.
        You make me want to cry with your kind words on my family. Sometimes my 4 kids make me nuts and so busy. They are all blessings. Thank you for the reminder!❤️​
        Rubie, I love the scripture! You really spoke to me today. I will remember this scripture forever. I needed that today as I try and pursue my dreams. Thank you very much. Your wisdom is priceless. ❤️​☺️​

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      7. Thank you. I felt compelled to encourage. It is a good thing to bless the Lord. The Psalms are full of examples. I find that the joy of the Lord is a strength. I taught school, and I know four children can be a blessing, or they can be a hardship. Praying, and reading will give you inner strength that will help you with them. God is a strong tower. Those who run into Him are saved. In this case it means spared. Wisdom is from the Lord, and when you seek His Presence, you carry it with you all the rest of the day. At times I don’t find the den early enough. It brings confusion to my day, but I try to always find the time before going on to bed. May God give you wisdom.

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