The Goodness of Fruit.

I believe there is goodness in fruit. I try to eat fruit daily. Apples are wonderful. You can cook them in the skillet with some butter. They fry up nicely. I add about two tablespoons of sugar. My sugar in the diet has gone real low.

I believe oranges are there for the cutting, or peeling. I love the big oranges. I cut them in half, and in half again. Soon the pieces are smaller, and easier to eat.

I believe eating one or two pieces of fruit daily adds what you need in your diet. I often bake whole apples. If you cut the top and the bottom of the apple a little, you can cut a hole in it all the way through without breaking the apple. Then add butter, and cinnamon, and sugar to each apple. Sprinkle this until the place where you cut the apple is full of the spices, and sugar. Bake in an oven in a pan of water. Set the apples in the water. Yes the water will become cloudy, but the apples will cook for an hour at 350 degrees. It takes an hour, but if you have added enough butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg, you will have a delicious, soft, apple with wrinkled skin. I eat the whole thing. Less sugar is wonderful for a goal of keeping the sweets to a real low.


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