Horses …

My friends, and I took a walk across the street from where they live. They are in the city, but the place across the street has a vacant lot or two, and a barn with horses in it. The bar was open on the other side. One horse came up, and I petted it. I couldn’t figure whether it was a female, or a male. The people with me couldn’t tell either. The horses were huge, and we are shorter.

We took a walk, and the horses came to the fence as we passed by the barn. I didn’t pet them this time. We said hello, and we were friendly. I didn’t have an apple, or something to feed them. It made a difference.

This is the first horses I have petted in a long while. I have written about them several times, because there is something strong about a horse. I am short, but I remember riding different horses when I was in my teens. We would go to Pennsylvania. Then we would go on up the coast. Once we stopped in New York and found some horses to ride. I sure did.


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