A New Decade…

I’m about to turn a new decade older. Really. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I don’t know if I will be awake when it gets here. I will be no longer in my 60’s, but I will now be 70. I don’t look the number. I have never looked my age. When I was 19 I looked younger. I guess it is wonderful to have this grace when I am older. I still don’t look my age! I would have loved to look older when I was young. I found a good man, and married him.

Now I have been married 47 years, and that is close to 50. That is still a long time to be married to someone. You know them inside, and out. I love him more than I did when I married him. I plan to live with my Ed until he dies. If he dies first, I will mourn his death. He has been quite a man.

Now I am 70 when it gets to 12:00 P.M. My parents are long gone. My husband celebrates with me, and my birthday is like a new year is coming through. I have given my life to Jesus Christ. Yes. Head to toe surrender. I plan to live this year like I have the others. I read my Bible first thing. I am usually up reading early in the morning. I am on the 9th round of reading my Bible through. I just finished the 8th time. I believe I can read the rest of it this time by December 31 or even earlier. I have read the Bible three times in one year.

I believe the Word won’t return void. It plants inside me. I believe when you read the Word, that it saturates your body, mind, and soul. It took a while to conquer the Old Testament. I had to spend more time than usual reading the Old Testament. I finally finished! This time I am going from the New Testament to the Old. I want to get more of the Old Testament read first, so I don’t have to finish in the Old Testament. I believe I will finish by December, or earlier. It would be nice to finish by March. Any day in March would be fine! I take a day or two to break from reading through.

I find something to work on, and then I start in on another book, and trying to read through the Bible again. I hope by the time I am ready to die, that I will have read the Bible 40 times! It takes three months at times when I put my heart to the task. Steadily reading, but reading for a reason. The Word of God will never return empty. It accomplishes something. I bless the Lord. He has helped me become consistent, and goal oriented. I will write the book down, and the chapters I want to cover. Then I mark them off as I read them.

It is phenomenal to have read the whole Bible 9 x. I believe God wants me to read it again, and again. I will keep this up as long as my eyes will allow it. I believe healing comes when I read the Word. It will never return void. I believe the Word is powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword. I believe God has promises for us to read, and accept for ourselves. I believe the Word is powerful as a sword in the Spirit.

My birthday approaches. I look forward to being 70. I look forward to  my birthday. Wednesday night we celebrated, and I ate cake for the first time in a year! Normally I don’t eat sweets, but I am celebrating my birthday, and why not eat a piece of cake!

I do believe in the goodness of the Lord. I hope you have had a wonderful day, May God give you a wonderful day tomorrow, because it is my birthday. 70 is a long time, but I don’t consider myself old. Only in the Lord, am I old. I have known Him since I was 8 years old, and then I surrendered totally when I was twelve. God’s plan  is for us to love, adore, and serve Him all our days. I hope you are. I am.






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