The Celebration Has Begun.


I do believe in celebrating before a birthday gets here. We did. I have balloons in the kitchen to remind us, and I woke early to talk to the Lord about things. One is my birthday. I am closing out this year, and opening another year on Saturday. I will be 70, which is a big deal. 75 is the next big deal. I believe we are here on earth for a reason, and it was no accident that we have come to know the Lord. I believe the Lord wants us to walk in the Spirit, and that means to have the fruit of the Holy Spirit showing in our lives.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. In hard times, it is not easy to lift your voice, and sing to the Lord. I have noticed in life, that a couple of days before, or after the birthday celebration, there is a let down time, and the senses that were high are lower than 40 degrees. That is low. Depression can set in, and you have to get hold of the Lord. Singing is one way to get His attention, and give yourself to Him. It doesn’t matter what you sound like. He knows your voice quite well.

When you change from pity, and whiny, to,” I will bless Your Name anyway, Lord Jesus,” then the fruit works wonders on YOU.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit are listed in Galatians. I believe the gifts are listed also, but I believe the fruit are important to hold onto whether you have gifts or not! Love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, are some of the fruit of knowing the Lord. The Holy Spirit makes way I n your heart when you open the door, and say, “I’ve had enough of me running the show. Will you come into my life, and restore the joy of the LORD, Holy Spirit of God.”

I am not talking about silliness, and flesh. I am talking about the Holy Spirit coming inside you from head to toe, as you SUBMIT your life, and all you have, and are to Him. It is important to give you mind, body, and soul to Him, and say so. “I give you me from head to toe, Father in Jesus name.” Mean it, and let the Holy Spirit reside inside you as you submit to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to come live in you. I say this, because the change in me is dramatic from who I used to be. I was born sad, but God gave me joy when I found Christ.


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