GOOD MORNING! I’m typing from my heart today.

You decide to have a happy day, with contentment, or a day that everyone hates. I had one of those days recently. I guess I wanted to have a good day, but it was miserable all day. I finally slept, and awoke happy. We all need sleep. When you are cranky, it is normal. Go take a nap. It will go away, and you can get some work done. Busy hands have little trouble, but those who are not working will fall into depression, and discontent.

I believe work should be everyone’s middle name. Some people know how to work more than others. Those people are special, and we should learn from them. Mother worked us girls more than we played outside. When we played, we played hard. When we worked, we worked hard. We were taught to make our beds, clean our rooms, and we had designated chores which we had to do every week. I believe this discipline is old-fashioned, but I believe it taught me to work when I needed to WORK! I TAKE IT  easy at home at times, but I have work days also. I believe a lazy attitude will get you in trouble, and into poverty. God loves a cheerful giver. If you haven’t given to Him, then do it. It will set you free, and your tithe will come back to you in His time. You can’t out give Him, but money is what you put in the plate.

Ed has our money, and I don’t often find how much we have. I take money at times when it is handed to me, and he smiles. He loves to see me saving it. It save it for the hard times, and for the rainy days when we have nothing . I have learned not to spend all I have on me, or anyone else. I believe God has helped me have wisdom about money.

Part of wisdom is giving Him my tithe on what I receive from others. I tithe it, because it is given to God for His purpose. I can’t explain it, but when I clean, I save the pennies I find. Pennies are important to me, and to God. I worked as a teacher, but God gives increase. I believe God has been faithful to supply our needs through the years.

We are not wealthy, but in the Lord, we know much, and we are rich with His riches. I believe it is a good thing to thank Him, but not to get prideful about it. I believe God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Humility is keeping your mind on Christ, and walking with Him daily. Read your Bible, pray daily, and you will grow in Him. That is the riches of Christ! It is far better than material gain.


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