Communication is Important-2

In a family it is important to maintain communication without arguing all the time. I rarely argue anymore. I receive grace , blessing , and the fruit of the Spirit of God as I communicate with Him on a daily basis in my devotion time. I resist self, and find a quiet place to read the Word for myself . It happens daily. I believe this keeps me peaceful for the day.

God communicates through the Word of God, the Bible. He communicates with us when we pray. He may be saying in our voice, “Linger, and read more.”

I usually follow what he says. We have to listen to His Word, and his voice when he does speak. God talks. When you have consistently read the Word, you find yourself coming back, because of how the Word impresses you, and makes you pliable before Him. Bibles are to be read, not worshiped. I believe in marking my Bible, and I have. The next Bible may be marked as well. Some won’t mark their Bible, but they read it well, and know where their favorite passages are.

Bible study is work. It is sitting down, with pad, and paper, and saying, “Father I adore you. Teach me today, in Jesus name. Let me get up refreshed from being in the presence of the Lord. ”

When you want to find Him, you will search and find Him . Communication is important. Tell Him your sins, and the things that have separated you. God loves you and wants to talk. The things in the way are part of not being broken. Ask the Holy Spirit to break you. It will happen.

Once I was trying to witness to someone. She said, “I won’t do anything about God, or Jesus, until I go forward in church.”

I do believe we decide to live for Him, and to submit. When the submission is real, there will be a difference that you will see, and so will others. God in you is the Hope of Glory. He takes away depression, and give you His peace, and joy. May His peace rest on you today. In Jesus name.



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