Communication- 3

I was born shy, so my communication skills have been worked on all my life. The shyness left, and so did the intimidation. At times when intimidation comes at me, I give into it. I realize later what I have done. At times it doesn’t matter what I say, but my mouth needs to be shut. Communication is listening to what is being said. It is also replying without anger, meanness, and bitterness. At times it is replying with those feelings. I have been in quiet, peaceful communication, with laughter, and in confrontations which are extreme communication.

I don’t like the extreme approach. Some barge in where others won’t, and their communication is well noticed. I don’t like confrontation, but I have had it all my life. I walk in the peace of the Lord, and when the confrontation comes, I try to reply with wisdom. At times I shut my mouth. I walk away when it is over.

True communication is not bullying, or towering over someone. True communication is speaking the words that the Holy Spirit want you to say. I was asked to speak at a ladies meeting on time. Ed was holding revival in this community, and we were several hundred miles from where we live.

I prayed about what to say. The Lord gave me nothing. I didn’t know why until the day I went to the ladies meeting. Everyone talked about everything, but the Lord. When they finally turned to me, we were late leaving. I said, “I don’t have anything to say. ” I might have commented that the communication at the tables was complete. I believe people have to want to hear what one has to say. They will want to hear, because they are tired of hearing anything that is put out there. Those times when we speak with the power of the Holy Spirit are not always heard. We have to want to be with Him, and to hear His voice. I believe the most important communication I can have with another person is to tell them what God is saying to me at the time. I refrain from saying what their faults are. I am an encourager, and I do that much. Other times I run out of what to say. We talk about many things, but this year, I believe I will vow to talk to the Lord more, and less to people who don’t want to talk about Him, or to Him.


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