What a Gorgeous Day!

It is nice as a day in Florida! It is sunny today, like yesterday. I haven’t been writing as much. I have been washing clothes, and storing what I don’t wear. We are in week two of this process of eliminating the bug family that we suspect has been here. We found a dead one. The person came again yesterday to spray everything, beds, closets, drawers. My dresser is emptied, and bagged.  Clean clothes were bagged when they came from the dryer. We went to the laundry mat to get most of the cleaning done. I am rejoicing that we are on the last week next week of this.

What a gorgeous day today. I can tell it will be similar to yesterday. I plan to write more, and to read more. I am on round 9 in reading my Bible. I finished  round 8, and I had lots of Old Testament left to read. This time I will read in both. I finished Daniel again, and I am in Galatians this morning. This is educational for me. I am finding new things that I love to read.

It is wise to read the Bible, and then go to work. I never step out of the house without reading for myself. I believe my mind gets in line with the Word, and with the Holy Spirit when I read the Word. There may be difficult days at times, and this is where you bind self, Satan, and sin. I believe self speaks more often than we are aware. We blame the devil, when our self is sitting on the throne, being angry, and  passive to God. I bind both, and loose the presence of the Lord. When you mate is doing this also, there should be peace in your home. Peace comes when you submit to Christ, from head to toe, inside and out, and all around. He knows you by name if you have submitted to Him.

You submit by giving your life to God in Jesus name. Tell your sins, and admit you are a sinner. Then Ask to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. His blood covers your sins. Yield daily to Him, and receive the Holy Spirit inside you from head to toe, by faith. It is a walk of faith, folks. This makes us say, “What a gorgeous day this is!”

Our focus becomes full of the Holy Spirit, and full of the Lord. God in you is the HOPE of GLORY!

This is entitled, “Going into the Deep Water with Jesus!” by Ruby J Craft. ME!Going  Into the Deep Water in 2016


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