I Love Winter!

I love Winter! I would like to see snow, but it doesn’t look like we will get any. I haven’t prayed for it much. I used to pray for snow, and it would come. It takes about 3 weeks when I pray for snow. I guess I don’t have faith for instant snow!

I love Winter, and this Winter is certainly warmer. I am alright with warmer. I believe God is in control, and it would be nice to have a good Spring soon. Our Jonquil’s are the first flowers I see in the yard. They are trying to come up, because of the warmer weather.

I have gauged how long it will take me to finish reading the Bible again. If I work hard, I might be through in March. It takes a good 60 days right now, and that is being persistent when I count these days. There is nothing lazy about reading the Word. I respect it, and I won’t rush.

So what are the benefits? Joy, peace, and love are three of them. The Holy Spirit reveals truth, and the Word is Truth. It sets you free from self, when you read the Word. I bind self, Satan, and sin, and release, or loose the Holy Spirit in me. Then I open the Word, and get started. I have a paper from Teen Challenge organization that helps me mark off the books and chapters. It is the whole Bible on one piece of paper. I love this method, and I am using an older page that I started several months ago. I will finish the New Testament, and have a little more of the Old Testament. I believe this is work, and wisdom to glean daily. So Winter can come, and go. I don’t plan to go anywhere today. Smile.


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