Church was Wonderful!

I enjoyed all the time I was a church. We sang until we finished, and I love to sing. Today, the music was especially wonderful, and I sang along. God loves for us to sing to Him, and I picture the throne many times when I pray, or sing. I love Him.

Someone mentioned that we need to know that God loves us individually. We are His children when we have repented, and accepted Jesus as our own Savior. It is not by chance that we Know Him. God chose to reveal Christ to us. Revelation comes when other people are praying for you.

I was stubborn as a child. I knew several times that I needed Christ. It took some prayers on my Mother and Dad’s part to bring me to Christ. When I was twelve I totally yielded. It happens that way, and not by accident. God has a plan for everyone. We either choose what He has for us, or we walk our own way.

Like the hymn, we need to be saying, “Father, Have your own way …with me. Have your own way …with me. I will be still, and have your way with me. I open my heart to you, Father.. Forgive me of my stubbornness, and coldness to you, and to others. Forgive me for rebellion, and apathy. Father I accept now in Jesus name what Jesus did for me on the cross. I need a Savior. Thank you for dying for me, Lord Jesus. I give my heart to you. May the blood of Christ cover me, and let me live for you.” In Jesus name.


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