So What Did I Clean Today?

I did clean. I found the time to clean the closet that holds all the goodies. It has three shelves, and the walls of this closet were painted black before we came to move in. I suppose the former owner developed film in this closet. It is tiny, but the walls are still black.

I cleaned this closet out today. I washed all the dishes I have put on the shelves. Most of them are cute, and nice dishes. I collect this kind of dish. I can’t think of the name..and yes , I’m having a Senior moment!

Ah, what a day. I made the bed. Then I vacuumed, after I scooted the chester-drawers out. I swept behind it, and found all the things that shouldn’t be there. I picked those things up. I was worried that my pace maker might have problems with my activity. It didn’t have any problems. I didn’t faint, and wake up. I stayed awake!


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