The Dark, Unseen World Around Me.


We found one, bed bug, and a packet of dead ,bugs. The one dead bed bug we took to the exterminater, and she identified it. We thought it was a bed bug. It is dead, and was then. We have been through whole house renovation, and cleaning, washing, and drying all in the closets, and all the clothes in the house. This includes sheets, pillow cases, and the whole package. Wiping out dresser drawer, leaving them empty, and picking up tiny, papers, and pencils, pens, and junk left in odd places. This is the most thorough cleaning I have ever been through, and there is good reason.

Isaac had some bites on his hand, and we couldn’t tell what they were. How about bug bites. So we are ridding the bugs, and the exterminator will be coming back to the house several more times. These bugs lay eggs, and they produce blockers to bug sprays, and other things that will kill them. So their babies are tough, and strong.

My closet is empty except for the coat hangers. I have cleaned all except the top shelves. All the material goods in my closet are in bags except for a few outfits that have been washed. I will wear those and the rest are going through treatment.  We have washed all our clothes, and dried them at the washateria. The next treatment is Monday, and it will take 4 hours before we can come back home. Then we put the beds back together, and the linen back on them. This is a hard situation to endure, but it is worth it. We have caught the culprit with the help of an exterminator’s eye. I see life from an altogether different perspective.


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