How to Speak the Truth.

Isaac made about 30 pieces of candy. He didn’t bring them to church. I did taste two of them, and they are wonderful. Cherry cordials. What a talent to make candy, and it tastes wonderful. It takes him hours to make the candy.  Isaac defends his candy, and I am told, “Don’t eat any.” He has patience with me when I do try them out.

The awesome thing is that my son hasn’t had cooking lessons, but he enjoys making food, and candy for others. He gets much pleasure out of it. He has far more patience than I do, and I believe he is a good man.

Isaac, and I have a wonderful, truthful relationship. I am open, and he is truthful. I speak my mind, and he tells me his opinion. At times it is gosh awful truthful. I do not believe in hurting a person in order to make them change. Facing reality often hurts. My relationship with my son is to build him up, not tear him down. I will slip the truth in the conversation, and it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I build him up, and he has confidence.

Isaac is slower in his work, but he is careful, and he makes good grades in school. Isaac works at his pace, which makes others think he is slow. He doesn’t have a job, but he is writing a book, and he lives with us. Maybe he should try to find a job, but it will have to be with someone who will accept him as a, perfectionist, and a, slower, worker.

I believe in building a, person up in the faith. I believe in speaking a, good, word, or shutting my mouth. I believe you can make someone shine, or make them fall. I believe a negative spirit is damaging, and should be rebuked. I believe what we think is the truth, may be nothing more than rainy day irritability. Be careful what you say. Speak the truth with love. The truth sets you free, but when you come from a negative point of view, I doubt that what you are saying is really the truth.



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