I Guess I will Write about Anything!

Glowing with Christ.I usually write about life around our house, and about our experiences with people. I had an experience with a, bed, bug, and the person who identified it the other day. I sweep, clean, and wash clothes frequently. Isaac found this strange, bug on his bed, and he would have gone to sleep, but he found it before going to bed.

So we have been going through the processes of eradicating the bug, and making sure our home is bed, bug, free. There are things that we have to do, and cleaning, washing the sheets, and fumigating the house is all part of it. Pray for us. We never have had this happen in 47 years of marriage.

Someone brought in this bug, and we are just devastated, grieved, and astounded that it happened in our home. In fact I have been down right angry, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I have to walk through this one, and breath deep breaths. Cleansing breaths.

Today we were waiting for someone in the store, and I started doing my 25 exercises on the right leg, and 25 on the left after that. I might have gotten to 30, but that is fine, and fair. I need to exercise because of the bug-tension.


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