Tasting What you are Cooking is Important.

Potato salad, dressing for slaw, baked beans, and other things that require intelligence, have to be tasted to see if they are just right.

For baked beans, I buy a tall can of baked beans, and rarely add anything to them. When I do, I stir up yellow mustard, Karo syrup, and barbecue sauce. This make a thick sauce in minutes. Put this in the baked beans, and stir. I may add brown sugar, but only a little. This darkens the beans. Let them cook for an hour at 350. Yum! They will thicken, so you need to check them in 45 minutes.

Potato salad has been foreign to me until last year. I finally made some after all these years. I got sick on potato salad when I was little, and I never forgot. I stayed clear of the salad, because of this. Finally I tried some, and it was bland to me. I recommend tasting what you are stirring up. It will do worlds of good to know that it is sweet enough, or just right. Cut the potatoes, add yellow mustard, sweet diced pickles, and mayonnaise. I don’t add much more. I taste the salad to make sure it isn’t sour, because potato salad should be enjoyable. I do put cooked, boiled eggs in it. Be careful not to put the egg shells in it. My recipe is new, and I made it up myself. I don’t get sick on this rendition of potato salad.


One thought on “Tasting What you are Cooking is Important.

  1. My mom is from the Carribean, so we add peas ,carrots, boiled eggs, mayonnaise , black pepper, paprika, salt and the secrete ingredient (sugar) to make our potato salad. It’s soo good. I would take the spoon everytime she finished making it..yumm😊

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