I feel overworked after I have overworked. While I am working on the project, I am not worrying abut whether I am overworked. I try to set a good pace, and yes, I don’t like to overdo. It is the same as being overworked. I believe a good task should take as little time as possible to complete. Why carry it out? Get busy, and see how much you can do in an hour. Then set the timer for another hour.

My mother was a work-a-holic. She didn’t try to gauge herself. She found more things to do. Finally, when I felt overworked, and tired, I would wander off to the building next door to Mom’s office. I would lie down on the rug, and nap. Mom didn’t know where I was, but she knew when I wandered off. She didn’t say a word. An hour, or more later, I found Mom.

I thought, “I am rested. This was good.”

I believe in working. I believe good parents will introduce work projects for their children to help them learn how to work. Only you can really teach yourself about work. When you pace yourself, you won’t be arguing that you are overworked. Mom always rewarded us with a good ,hamburger for lunch.


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