Mystery Bug.

I clean because of bugs, and spiders that need to stay in their quarters. I don’t want to see them in my house, bed, or bathroom. I try hard to make sure no, bugs show out. We have cats, and they help dissolve this problem. I have seen them toss a bug in the air, and see it fall on the floor, and try to get away. The pet caught it again, and tossed it until I came to watch.

Isaac woke us up last night late. It might have been early this morning. He found a strange-looking bug on the bed. Ed took a look, and put the bug in a jar. We have a woman coming to the church today to check for bugs, and to put out food for them. It will rid the church of the undesirable bugs that keep growing if you don’t call the exterminator.

We have kitchen bugs that show up even if we put out traps. She will put the food out, and soon the bugs will stay out of sight. They will be in bug heaven.

I found sheets ready to be washed this morning when I went into the first bathroom to do laundry. Isaac had put his sheets, and blankets in the basket to wash. I don’t blame him. He had never seen such a varmint. We will find out what it is today.

I change my bed weekly, but Isaac might wait for a week or two. Maybe he has learned a lesson. We may need to do several things for him. One is to get another mattress for the bed. He has had this one too, long. When it was new, it was wonderful. I believe it is old enough to go to mattress heaven.


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