I’m home. Tired.

I’m home. We had pork roast,with potatoes, and  carrots. I fixed brownies for dessert. Someone brought in salad. What a meal. I needed to do something else when I got home.

I made up our bed, and put the linen in the washer. It is washing now. This is the longest we have had these sheets on the bed. They are our favorite sheets. We wash them, and put them back on the bed. Yes, they are that fabulous. I think it is worth while to spend good money on the best sheets, and then to use them frequently. Make them your favorite sheets. I have several kinds of sheets. We received some of these 40  plus years ago for our wedding. I do think it is good to change the bed every week if possible. This time I waited several weeks. Finally, last night, I changed the sheets, and put the laundry in the washer. I plan to dry the sheets I took off the bed, and put them back on within this week. I don’t like to waste energy, but these sheets were made to sleep on.



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