Really. I Make My Own Slaw!

I usually can’t stand slaw in the restaurants. Someone needs to show the cook another way to make slaw. I make my own. I have a whole cabbage or two ready with the instrument that shreds them. You have to use the right size to make the slaw wonderful. Too fine won’t do. Think before you cut the cabbage, and you will do fine. I pray over my meals, including the slaw. Add the dressing, and taste it before you put it on the cabbage! It needs to be a little sweet.

Slaw is not hard, but I never eat it at the restaurant. It never has any character. It needs to have taste. You have to be careful, but it is worth making it from scratch. Then you know it is good!


4 thoughts on “Really. I Make My Own Slaw!

    1. Put 3 T. of sugar in a cup of mayonnaise, and mix. Just before serving the slaw, but this on and stir it in. It makes a great dressing, and it tastes wonderful. Any mayonnaise will do. I often use Mayo. This dressing can wait up to 2 hours before putting on the slaw. Stir it, and then put it on, and mix.

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