I love to make pies. Apple is the best!

I love to make my own pies. I make a lovely apple pie. I will make one pie tonight. I don’t want to have left overs. This pie is special, because I use 7 apples to this deep dish pie. Then I add butter, sugar, spices, and candies to make it amazing apple pie. It will go well with the pork roast that will be served with carrots, and potatoes. It is all in the meal, and we are having it tonight. Supper begins at 6:3o. We bless the food, and begin. Ed and I pray over the meal. It should be wonderful with pie.

I add thickener to the pie so the juice will be thicker. This is one picture of the red hot apple pie I will serve tonight with pork roast.

                         Pork Roast
I made this for the Wednesday night group. It takes four hours to cook. This includes shopping, and letting the vegetables and meat cook straight through until time to eat.



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