How to Thicken Pie .

I thicken the juice of the apple pie, because it keeps from having soup. Add flour to water, and stir. A little water, and two tablespoons of flour will make a thick paste. Add this slowly to the pie juice. It will thicken. You can take the pie juice out, and then thicken it, and put it back in the pie. I usually make the pie, and add Wondra  flour. It is usually in a small container, or in a round box. It used to come in a bag, but the company cut down the amount they make now. I believe this flour makes a wonderful home-made crust.

I buy Pillsbury roll out pie crust. They are always flakey. When you have the fruit in the pie, add four on the top of the fruit. It will melt with butter. Add five pads of butter, and several tablespoons of flour. Remember without sugar it isn’t a pie. I put one cup of sugar in my apple pie. Season with spices, and put the lid on the pie. Slit it and then put spices on the outside of the pie. This works. So does this kind of extra fine flour!


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