Favorite Verses to Remember

Name an emotion, and I can find a passage that will talk about it. I often look up verses that will oppose fear. Since fear has been there for me, I have decided to replace it with the fear of the Lord. It is the beginning of wisdom. I study the Word, and then I study it again. I am in the Word two, or maybe three times a day. If I go early to get my tea, I have time to sit before the Lord. With company, or without, I still go to the den, or some area to read before the Lord. It is a habit, and this is my house. I insist on getting up early to read the Word.

Some one asked, “Ruby, when did you get up this morning?”

I said, “5:30 A. M.”

She said, “I got up at 5:00 A. M. to talk to my daughter.”

The woman was still sleepy from not getting much sleep. I believe she got up early because she sensed that she needed to communicate, and draw close to her daughter. Today she took a nap and felt better.

It is important what we do with our children, and our family. My mother  nurchered me when I became a Christian. She didn’t drop me on my head. She stayed to talk with me about the Lord, and to give me things to pray about. She cultivated what was started when I accepted Christ at 8 years old by her bedside. I am thankful that she cared enough to talk to me, and to instruct me in the ways of the Lord. My dad led the my sisters to the Lord. He talked with them, and they responded. I became a close friend with my Mom because she led me to the Lord, and this gave us someone to talk to and to talk about. We were on common ground, because we had someone we could always talk about. .. and freely.

Psalm 23 says, “I will fear no evil. Thou art with me. ”  The confidence that God is with me is what keeps me knowing that I will fear no evil. When the fear comes I am to stand against it. Many times I have said this back to the Lord. I said it today. I was waiting for my husband to come back to the car. I found myself praying, and I said the words in Psalm 23, “I will fear no evil for thou art with me.”

I was praying with a couple the other day. I received a word, and it was one word. I didn’t tell them the word, but I might have the opportunity to tell later. They are facing some tough things in life, and it won’t be long. I received the word while we were talking with them, and praying. I wish I had said it, but I wavered because of my lack of confidence. I have been praying since.

I know a woman of God who read a passage of scripture several times to herself before she read it to a group of us. The anointing was on the passage. She had prayed over her delivery, and it was respectful, and well prepared. I haven’t forgotten the poise, and the way she read with confidence. What stunned me was that the same anointing for prophesy was there as she read this passage from the Bible.



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