Are You on a Schedule?

I believe order includes a schedule, even if it is a loose one. I try to maintain order at home. If it is dirty, I put it in the clothes basket for washing. I washed clothes all day yesterday, and I have a little load in the dryer. I try to keep up with the washing, because this is good. Why let it get out of hand?

I got up early, and dressed. I showered, rolled my hair and the whole bit. I believe this is part of the day, to get dressed, like I am going to town. I am going to town today. My heart had one of those pings, but maybe it has been excited. I have no idea.

My schedule will include sitting down to read 1 Chronicles, and to finish it. Then I will continue Judges. Both need to be finished, and then I will have 2 Chronicles to finish. I thought I touched these some, but maybe not. I guess I will finish by the end of the month. This way I am on schedule. I will finish one time reading, and will start again. If I manage right, I should finish again by the end of May. I can get three times of reading through the Bible if I manage the time right. I don’t rush, and hurry. I get something out of each time I sit down. I sit until it is time to quit. I don’t watch the clock, but there is a point where I know I have read enough.

My schedule is loose, but I know I can’t get up early, if I don’t go to bed at a good time. Last night I turned in at 10:00  P. M. I try not to nap. I write, and clean.  Smile.


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