What’s for Supper?

I made my own white, sauce, and put cheese in this. On the other burner I boiled some broccoli heads. They were loose in the bag. These boiled maybe 15 minutes. The cheese sauce was put in the casserole dish first. Then the drained, broccoli, butter, and cooked onion. Add herb spice, 2 beaten eggs, and this makes another variation of the broccoli casserole. Add crushed Ritz crackers to the top of the casserole, and then stir this into it.  Bake this at 350 for an hour. Watch it. Always put it in a, large, dish. This casserole puffed up, and stayed that way. I put maybe a cup of shredded cheese in this dish.

What else are we having? I made pot pie. My variation calls for two, cans of chicken. Two pie crusts for the bottom of the dish, and two for the top. The second one is cut to finish the casserole dish. You can make this with two boxes of pie crust. I  added white sauce, and peas, butter, and plenty of chicken. Both dishes went in the oven, and baked an hour. We will have ice water in goblets, and I didn’t plan dessert. We have had plenty of dessert. One meal will be fine without it.

2 cups of milk, and 3 Tablespoons of butter with 1/3 cup of flour should make a, white sauce. Add spices. Stir the flour, and spices, melted butter, and then add the milk. It will take 2 cups to thicken and make a nice white sauce. I used this in the broccoli casserole  added chopped onion, Italian spice, and pepper, and cheese..


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