God Looks on the Heart. 2

When your heart is not right with God, it is obvious to Him, if not to your family and friends. When you run out of love for someone, then you need to confess this to your Father, and ask for His love to cover you, and them. I have run out of love. I give, and give, and give, and then it runs out. I am tired, and worn out, and I need His love, but I have no time to sit down, and have fellowship. This is when the real you comes forth. You are hungry to be with Him, but the schedule is not convenient. You need time, and you must go, and go, and go.

Stop the bus, and get off. Get off the busy track, and say to yourself, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, “I’m tired. I need to find you. Let me find you and let me take time to be with you. Help, Lord!”

This is what it takes. Then you have to take the time. Find a place by yourself. Don’t let others know where you are, or let one person know, and tell them you need to have your quiet time. Tell everyone, or someone, ” I have hidden for a little while.”

Under your bed would be a good place, but it is too, low. You can’t get under most tables. I have gotten under the table, and moved the chairs. I have laid down under the table, and prayed, and asked God to help me through the day. When I got up, I had experienced my quiet moment in an inconspicuous place. No one found me or bothered to talk. I was hidden, and I kept that my secret for the longest.

I hide in the bathroom, but someone always has to get in and I pile my books, and leave. I hide in the bedroom, and when the bathroom is used, I’m studying. The bed is not a good place. So I go to the den when I know no one will be up. It works. I’m retired. EVERYONE NEEDS QUIET WITH GOD ONE TIME A DAY. This is what is missing in your life if you don’t know Him.

Introduce yourself, and then receive what Jesus did for you on the cross. Tell God, and have the conversation that will draw Him to you.

Here is an example, and you can copy what I have just said. “I am a sinner, Father. I have messed up this life considerably. I ask you to forgive me of my sins. Come into my life Father in Heaven. Fill me Holy Spirit of God from head to toe. I have been miserable, and I don’t think I would be if I surrender to you. So I surrender now from head to toe in Jesus name. Thank you, Jesus for dying for me, and rising from the grave. You died, and rose again, and you are the Son of God. I love you for loving me. I want to surrender from Head to toe. Holy Spirit fill me now. In Jesus name.


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