I Believe In the Healing Power of God.

My mother led me to Christ when I was 8 years old. When I was 12, I found Him in a deeper way. I was ready to give my life to Him, but it took three days of praying, and turning over all of me from head to toe. You would think this would take minutes, but this was meaningful surrender to Him for the rest of my life. I was a Christian, but this meant I would go into full-time Christian work.

My Mom and Dad experienced the Lord’s Presence daily in their Bible reading and praying together. They did this every day of their lives together. We girls were in on some of this, but they continued this habit long after we had left home. I would visit, and spend the night. We would have breakfast the next morning, and devotions afterwards. The time was about 15 minutes, but it was strong, and a wonderful habit.

I was real sick and Ed didn’t want to leave me at home by myself. He had a youth retreat, so he took me to Mom and Dad’s home. I was running a fever, and they waited on me. One night I heard mom and dad talking in the living room. I came in because I was curious. They continued their talking. It was like Mom was arguing with Dad. I listened.

“Hank, you either received it or you didn’t. Did you?” Mom said.

Dad said, “I believe I did, but I feel nothing.”

Mom said, “You don’t ever go by how you feel. It is by faith.”

I said, “It is like when you received Christ as your Savior. By faith, Dad.”

The turned to me, “So have you received the Holy Spirit, Ruby?”

I said, “I know the Holy Spirit lives in me from when I accepted Christ. Do you receive more?”

I prayed with them, for I realized it was all by faith. “Lord Jesus, we ask you to release the power of the Holy Spirit in Ruby  ” My head was swirling, and I knew what they were praying was new, and powerful. It was the filling of the Holy Spirit that would be there for the rest of my life. I received this by faith, and have it now. God gives you many gifts, and this was a gift. My parents were involved with my salvation, so why not the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They also prayed for my healing. When I went to the bathroom to check if the white spots were gone from my throat, I still saw them, but they looked like dried kernels of corn. I poked them, and they fell off. Wow. The swirling was a healing!


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