My Thoughts About Smoking.

What would you do with your hands if you didn’t smoke? I used to smoke cigars, because my husband was in Seminary, and he smoked them to stay awake. I have always loved the smell of a cigar, so I went along with him, and bought one also. We laughed and carried on with our cigars. Then we became even more serious.

Ed bought a pipe. I bought one too, and we laughed and giggled over both of us smoking, but I didn’t want to be left out. When we finished school, we stopped smoking cigars, and smoking the pipe. It was for recreation, and delight that I smoked them with him. We both had something to talk about. Frankly, when he finished school, Ed wasn’t smoking. His mother had some words to say about smoking.

Of course we didn’t think it would be a habit that lasted for the rest of our lives. I was never hung on cigarettes, but I loved the cigar, and the pipe. I did give it up, and I agreed with his mother. You don’t want to get cancer from smoking.

I laugh to myself when I look back at our thrill for the pipe when he was studying so hard. I was teaching school in those days, and I rallied to anything that would make us laugh. It did. I did. I made Ed laugh, and others. Eventually I dropped the habit. I guess this is what you want to be able to do. Have a good time, and then drop it. Many can’t stop. They have tried. I am thankful that I stopped. Heart people who I have come in contact with ask me if I smoke, or have in the past. They smile when I talk about smoking a cigar and then the pipe. I did this to help Ed study. I have a pacemaker, and I don’t dare smoke.


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