My Thoughts About Smoking. 2

I won’t judge you if you have the habit of smoking. It is enjoyable, and many still smoke. I don’t think it is a healthy habit, and I dropped my habit when we stopped school. My husband was in Seminary, and I taught school. The habit started when he would have to stay up late. A cigar, or pipe have always appealed because of the aroma. I didn’t want to smoke them, but I love the smell when others smoke a pipe, especially.

I believe smoking damages your lungs. I believe we have to get a handle on the damage that it does, even if the smoking is soothing, and what we love to do. I believe we are fortunate, if the lungs don’t have a problem while we smoke.

I believe at times a person has personal thoughts when they smoke. Many smoke and blow into the air. They seem proud of what they are doing, and really it is just a pleasure. Look at it again. What harm are you allowing as you blow smoke, and enjoy the cigarette. I believe we must have grit to stop. I know several who have.

Maybe there is something else that would be good for you that you could do. Some blow blue, and I don’t think it really matters what you blow. It is a habit. If you feel you should stop, then do it right away. Many have taken the chance, and enjoyed their lives. They don’t have cancer, and probably won’t.

Others who are around 2nd hand smoke don’t enjoy health. They have the lung problem. I believe for a short time period I delighted with it. I dropped the habit, and I am glad I could. Now I am glad I did. Smoke isn’t in my hair, or clothes. My hands don’t have the stains from smoking, and my voice hasn’t gotten deeper. For a season I smoked, and I am fortunate that it is no more. Smile.


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