Life isn’t Easy.

I love this picture.

Life isn’t easy. It can be rocky at times.What you do during the storms is crucial. I find that if it is rocky, I might need to fast. Bind everything between you and God, and release the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Find your Bible and pick five verses that mean something to you. They may be passages that are helpful. This works for me.

At times problems will come to the forefront of the brain, and try to dominate your thinking. Give them to God. He sees the whole picture. Sing to Him. It will break what is coming at you. At times you should be quiet around those you know. Love them, and talk about other things than God. It makes them see that you are with the program. Talk to God about your witness. It means much to Him when you talk to Him about your life. He knows what you are going through. Give the circumstances to Him. Pray for those who are not at peace with you. Even fast for them. They need the Lord, and His encouragement.


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