Life Isn’t Easy. 3

We eat out for lunch several times in the week, because we are away from home. Otherwise we have come to the conclusion that it is better to eat at home. We fix something in the oven, and we can have several meals off a roast. Our meals are simple, and heart healthy. Life isn’t easy. I have a pacemaker, and Ed has had a 5 by-pass. We eat fish, over beef now, and we don’t eat fried foods as much. I have tried to stay away from bread. It puts on weight.

Life isn’t easy, but I must say I am talking to the Lord more, not less. I believe in walking with the Lord in His light. I believe in maintaining a prayerful, respectful relationship with Him. I believe life isn’t easy, but with the Lord in our home, it makes a difference. We pray over the hard parts, and life gets easier, because He gives us wisdom, joy, fellowship and His love. At church we pray over needs of the group after Ed has spoken to us. Many times we have seen answers to prayer. God cares, and life continues . It isn’t easy, but God isn’t easy either. I believe He expects us to walk the walk with Him. I believe He sees right through us, so we may as well be open, and straight with Him. Right?Flower5


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