Life isn’t Easy. 2

This title has more to say, so this is writing 2 on this subject. Life isn’t easy, and if you think it is, then come again. I believe Mom and Dad worked us girls hard because they knew that life isn’t easy. We needed to learn to work. We had inspection for our bedrooms on Saturday mornings. This meant we cleaned up our rooms, and one area of the house. Then we could watch cartoons. We never watched them. There was too much to be done.

We made our beds daily, and we were punished if we didn’t make it right. Dad, and Mom were strict about this. They never left their bed unmade either. I know I was making my bed by the time I was 4. I didn’t mind. We had a routine. Get up. Make your bed, and come eat.

Now that I am grown, I hope I have emphasized that life isn’t easy to my son. He does sleep in some mornings, and he stays up late. He is making candy as I write. Supper may be a sample of candy. I can’t have any.

Life isn’t easy. If you want something done, you may as well get the rake, or broom, and get started. I have spent the day washing and hanging up clothes. I don’t want to use the dryer for everything. I have hung clothes for all afternoon. Some are hanging outside. It is unusually warm today, even if it is January.

I fix or plan meals for my family. Isaac often cooks the whole meal before we get home from being at the church. I go with Ed, so I can be around him. It works. I am still trying to finish reading my Bible . I lack three books. It isn’t easy to finish reading the Bible. I get interested, and it takes me longer. That is fine.


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