January All Month.

We are almost to the mid-point of January. I believe this new year will be wonderful. I am waiting for it to be wonderful. We have gone through January speedily. I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I see the goodness of the Lord every day. I sense His Presence through the day, and most of the time I am aware of Him. That is unusual, and it is a wonderful, and welcomed sensing.

I have yet to read today. Ed is resting on the couch in the den, and the new has been on  since se came in to make our breakfasts. I had Cream of Wheat, and he had a bowl of oatmeal. He hasn’t had oatmeal in months. We usually have two fried eggs, and a piece of toast. I ate toast yesterday, but I have been off bread.

I have been off bread, chicken, sweets, and eggs. Well, I was off eggs for three days. I have been off bread until yesterday, when I had bread with my eggs. I had a whole piece of toast, with jelly. We had chicken for lunch yesterday before our friend went to her meeting. She goes on Thursdays, and it is for two, hours. We are giving her a place to rest her head. She needs to rest, and find the Lord’s Presence, and regain a sense of stability.

She is a lovely person, who has had some hard times since her husband died. He committed suicide, after he talked to her one day. It was a shocking thing for all of us at our tiny church. We shook from head to toe…….all of us.


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